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from the final  chapter  of I Am The Word: “The following texts will be quite different. They will not draw on you as a character, nor will they assume you have any information on the subjects that you speak of prior to engaging with it. For this to occur, you have to become a cleaner channel, which means you must channel directly, and that will have to come through your willingness, through your belief, and through the identification of the Christ consciousness that is the teaching of this book. When you understand that you are, in fact, aligned to the Christ consciousness, that it is not just an ideal to be worked towards, you vibrate at that frequency. When you are vibrating at that frequency, we can work through you very directly. Right now we work through you very well, and we are grateful for the instrument that is your energy system, and we are grateful for the imagination that you were born with that allowed you to believe that this could even be possible.”