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p. 345-347                         THE ANSWER 1 We all had to chuckle a bit at the title of this chapter since we realized that every time Paul or another participant asks a question that it is never answered in an expected way or in a linear fashion. The thinking mind  craves  answers and solutions so that it can push a particular item to rest and then move onto the next. We are probably aware on some level of our being that spirituality does not work that way. First, it is not linear in in form; secondly it deals with Unity rather than dualism, and that it almost revels paradox. So the answers that are being offered here are answers that speak to the heart not to the mind. It must be noted that the mind is not completely in the dark, that there will be some understanding on an intellectual level but that this mental understanding is not the important piece. The reason why we say this is that the mind, the thinking mind is still a marvelous tool, but that'


                       MANIFESTATION 4 This book and many other pieces of spiritual literature will use the word “feelings” quite often. These feelings that are spoken of as part of our spiritual experience are not the same as our every day human emotions. That is why the use of this word “feelings” can sometimes be confusing. We are ll aware of feelings that are aspects of our human emotions. Things like fear, anger, joy, sorrow, excitement, etc. And please know we do not discount these, but they are not the same as feelings that are spoken of in terms of our spiritual experience. In spirituality there are such qualities of love, compassion, gratitude, joy, etc. These are choices that we make to raise the level of vibration of thought. We are not always going to feel these qualities as an emotion. In other words, it can be a great challenge to love when we do not feel like loving, to be grateful when we don't feel like being grateful, to be compassionate when we w
MANIFESTATION 3 “ Now we reach you. Now we hold you. Now we embrace you and we gift you with this:” I encourage all of us to realize, even though this book was published a few years ago, that the message and the energy within are also taking place right now. The authors will often say that they do not live in linear time, and so each one of us can be touched, can be loved, can be nurtured, just as Paul was being loved and nurtured a few years ago. The intellect might not be able to comprehend that, but even in our limited awareness, we can understand that our love for another can also transcend time and space. We do not even have to think about that, it just is. This passage is so beautiful. It reminded me of the Beatitudes that Jesus spoke of on the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5: 1-11). “Each one who knows will know themselves as truth. Each one who stands will know themselves as healing. Each one who breathes will know themselv


p. 334-5 Much of our discussion today centered around getting past the personality self or the limited ego consciousness so that we could be more in alignment with our true nature. Here is the difficulty or the problem we run into, we are attempting to change or transform our limited ego consciousness by using our limited ego consciousness. When we put it in those terms is quite obvious that what we are trying to do or the method we are using will not work. However, it is a trap we fall into all too often and leads to a tremendous amount of frustration and sometimes helplessness. Time and again we are encouraged to realize that we are not creating a divine nature nor are we even trying to find it. It is already found. Much of our job is to first recognize that our perception of ourselves and others is limited. That we are caught in identifying them as well as ourselves through our personality or ego structures. When we discover this, we often find ourselves getting into a


HEALING AND THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 10 and MANIFESTATION 1 9/24 and 10/1            p. 330-334 In finishing the last section of this chapter having to do with the physical body, we are reminded to love it, to embrace it, to care for it, and ,at the same time, to realize it is not who we are. In our relationships with others it is sometimes easy to get lost in their personality self or in our own. The lessons here are not about personality or what ACIM might referred to as “special relationships.” The work here has to do with the growth and action of our spiritual selves. And so the following affirmation: “I am now choosing to realign my physical body and my experience of myself on this plane of existence to encompass the higher frequency so that I may know myself in form as an aspect of the Creator. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% As we enter into this chapter on Manifestation it is important to remember there is a differe