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This was a fascinating lesson today. It explored how we create or adopt patterns of thought and behavior, and how these patterns become an energy by themselves, and can influence us in many ways.  Of course we could also speak of higher energy patterns that also have a life of their own and can influence us in very positive ways. Here we are being challenged to ask ourselves, "How free am I?" There might be many times when I think I am making a perfectly free choice uninfluenced by anyone or anything else, but that is not always going to be the case. How many of us have been influenced by patterns of behavior created by our parents, government, religion, society in general? The object here is not to judge these, but become aware. I might still choose to act in a particular way, but we can do so because it is the correct thing for us to do, rather than out of fear. The lesson begins:  We will tell you this again: You believe that if you are yourselves in


We are challenged again to claim our power and identity  as Word. I realize that does not make sense to everyone and probably feels a little awkward, and I think it is meant to be that way. This is not about understanding and it is not about being comfortable. In many ways, this work, challenges and bypasses the thinking mind. We are being asked to use a new vocabulary because the old one is so dried up.  "I am Word," means I am one with the Father, I am the consciousness of the Christ, I am one with the love of God. In many of the more ancient forms of spirituality, when a person started on a new path or was moving toward a higher degree of awareness he/she was also offered a new name. The same is true here.   As I reread this paragraph: “Now we will tell you this: The map is a funny one. The map does not look like a map, because the map is your consciousness. And while you would prefer a cookbook and a bunch of recipes that will tell you what the cake w


P. 124-137 We covered quite a bit of ground with this lesson—(probably because I kept my reflections very brief). I wanted to keep some cohesiveness between the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next. No matter if our thoughts are about Oneness or separation, we are always creating. So we are asked to look at the world around us and see what we are creating and then decide if we want to continue with that or create something different? We are responsible as individual consciousness and as a group consciousness. Here is the essential choice we make each moment: “The embodiment of the self as love is the goal. It is the true goal. It is the blessed manifestation of God’s gift to man, to be in accordance and congruence with that level of frequency. This is not a simple thing necessarily, but if it were not achievable, we would not give you this text in order to begin to get there. We would find some other way of manifesting a system for you that would help you


Book of Love and Creation p. 121-124 “I am now choosing to acclimate myself fully to the frequency of Divine Love in a way I may experience in consciousness. I am now choosing to align my Divine Will to my own will in ways that are appropriate to my teaching. I am now choosing to listen to the voice of my Knowing in all things as I am moving into love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word." We are being asked to go beyond the words here. The above affirmation and all the others in this book are not wishful thinking. This is not the "little engine that could." "I think I can; I think I can..."  This is about affirming a truth that already exists and bringing it more and more into consciousness.  Just be aware that there is part of you/me that is saying the words; there is part of me that would like this to be true; there is part of me that does not believe it is true; and there is an aspect of me that resonates with the knowing of this as