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Combined Lesson from 7/7 & 7/14 p. 148-155 The essence of freedom is the freedom to choose. So many of our choices are based on impulse or reaction, mental and behavioral “programed” responses that we inherited or cultivated ourselves for whatever reasons. One of the primary teachings here is to start being aware of when we are simply responding out of habit rather than free choice. In other words to make our freedom conscious. A lesson that is up for me as I am doing this work is that fear need not be confronted or challenged, simply recognized and then taken to prayer to be released.  “Release me from this thought of fear, scarcity, separation and let me know that it is so.” “I am now choosing to experience myself as free.” It is only the mind that wants to make this complicated.     “Now understand this: If you believe yourself to be handicapped, and we use that word in the broadest sense, you will be. But always, always, always understand that co


As I was preparing for this class, I kept hearing the haunting refrain from the Eagle’s Desperado , “Freedom oh, freedom, that’s just some people talkin’, your prison is walkin’ in this world all alone.” And then, of course was the counterpoint from Kris Kristofferson, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”  What do you think freedom is? Is it the freedom to do anything you want? That would be the ego’s definition, but in the “little self’s” desire to please itself, it remains unaware that there are two ways for the ego to be disappointed: one is to not get what you want (and that is pretty obvious); two-when you get what you want. BECAUSE after you get what you want beyond the momentary rush of accomplishment, you will either want something else, what you got will not be as perfect as you expected, a newer model or one on sale will show up, etc.   The freedom we speak of here is the freedom of the Divine Self. “Love God and do as you please,” is the way Augus