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HEALING AND CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS p.311-313 Healing and the Christ Consciousness are seeing the perfection of the one before me. That is a choice I make. If I do not think I can see the perfection, then I pray that I might be able to. I also realize this can be a bit of a tricky mind trap. I “don’t think” I can see the perfection—of course that is coming from my mind and my limited perception. There is within me already a knowing of this perfection, and I pray that I might be open to it.  It is affirmed for us, in this section, we can easily travel to other dimensions of time and space. We do this all the time when we daydream. Another working example of this was when, years ago, we practiced what we called “healing the inner child.” In doing much of this healing work, although it was not emphasized this way, we literally transcended the boundaries of time and space. And we did this without even thinking twice. It was not magic; it was not difficult; it was a natural proce


HEALING AND CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS p. 310-311 Going Deeper. We asked, “How do you know? How do you know that you know?” Well, we could ask, “Know what?. Here is a good distinction to make. The aspect of the self that asks the question is the intellect, the thinking mind which needs to grasp and understand everything. For the intellect, anything that defies understanding is rejected. When we asked the questions above, we are obviously referring to an aspect of self that goes beyond the intellect. We could finish the questions: “How do you know you are loved? How do you see beyond illusion?” By asking these deeper questions, we are not just saying the words, “I am in line knowing,” we are putting ourselves in alignment with our knowing. Do you sense the difference here? Again, the thinking mind will object or seek to control this inner process of spirit. Just as you have learned to avoid getting into a fight with your ego about matters of spirit, so also, now, yo


RE-MEMBER 11 (It seems as if this chapter lasted forever). p. 306-309 This last section is a wonderful summary of true manifestation). We ended the last section with some ideas about manifestation in the physical world. Although material manifestation is not our focus, we did notice that sometimes I will need to manifest something in the material world that carries with it the illusion of happiness or completion. I might need to do this in order to break through the illusion. What we are speaking about section is manifestation from the soul. We are also reintroduced to the concept of alignment or perhaps another word we could use is congruence. A simple example would be if I am aligned to the power of love, to both giving and receiving love, then there is no fear. If I am in alignment with fear, my capacity to love is greatly diminished. In a worldly sense we can speak of being “on the same page” as another person and this goes beyond simple agreement. It is m


RE-MEMBER 10  Sessions 7/2 and 7/9          p. 302-306 There are two intertwining themes that arise here: letting go of your thinking mind as the source of information about your Spiritual Self, AND being in your knowing and realizing that we are connected to many beings who are on this journey towards Oneness. We are connected and helping one another in the process. This second piece is fairly obvious in the book we are reading, since it is being dictated and transcribed by these beings who refer to themselves as “the guides.” We should emphasize that we are not giving our power away to anyone or anything but that we are all here because what is written and what is read resonates strongly within our being as demonstrating the truth. We not only know it as being true, but we are also being transformed my our exposure to that truth. This can happened on many levels. As we were informed in one of the earlier books, we are being given words and concepts through the physic