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                              RE-MEMBER 5 P. 286-293 “Today we want to teach you something. And what we will teach you is love as embodying love. Now we have taught you before what love is, and today we want to give you an experience of it. And this teaching in love will give you an opportunity to recognize yourself as the loved one in creation. “I am now choosing to remember myself as the loved one in creation. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”  The lesson here is choosing to be LOVE. Not just choosing to be loving, but to BE LOVE. That is another way of saying "being who you are." When I choose to proclaim "I am love through those I see before me", I am choosing to acknowledge the essence of my own being and of yours as well. In this state of mind there is no separateness. As line from a song goes "I can't hold my brother in the dark and expect to see the light." Or as Merton put it the arrow with which I sho


p. 285-286 We are exploring the chapter on “Re-membering,” but I would like to suggest we are not moving backwards’ we are not going to a place where we were before.  It might seem as if we are saying, “I think I will remember when I was in touch with my divine nature.” It is it is more than that; it is deeper than that. We are touching our divine nature again, but we are always doing so in a deeper and more meaningful manner than we might have in the past. I think it is important to keep be aware of  because sometimes the mind gets lost in what it considers to be the uselessness of this trip—going back to find something that we had lost, again and again. Well in some ways we are re-finding something, but we are finding it in a new way, in a deeper way, in a deeper way that the mind possibly cannot grasp  We are also exploring the inner experience of life events. It was suggested in the book to go, in our minds, to an experience of love, deep love. What I would like to suggest


P. 282-85  An image that is often presented in this book is that of taking things to the altar. I would like to explore that for a moment. As I sat with that image, I had some old ideas and some new ones. The old ones, or let us say the older way of looking at this, would be that I take my cares and my concerns my needs for healing. etc. I take them and I put them on the altar; I let them go; I release them to God, and then sort of turn around walk away and God takes care of them or not. Sort of like saying, “Well it’s in God’s hands now.” I consider now that the altar is not a platform for passivity, and it can be looked upon in a different way. I believe the altar is a bridge between my human self and my divine self; it is a reflection, in some ways, of that wonderful prayer of Emily Catie, “God I don't know the answer you do show me.” When I place things on the altar, whether that be a health concern or monetary issue or something I wish to manifest, or healing for anothe