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p. 186-190 I’m going to need to keep this section on the body quite simple because honestly I do not understand all of this on a level where I can explain it all well. I think it was Einstein who suggested that “If you really know something well, you can explain it to your grandmother.” Well, I can’t do that.  So simply put—We cannot deny the body; it is our vehicle; as we learn to raise our spiritual vibration, we need to take our body along as well.  The vibrations created in the mind, in thought can and will effect physical reality, Also know that none of these directives happen in a moment. They are processes.  “Now “I am Word through the broken arm I have” actually brings frequency to support that arm in its healing. “I am Word through my blood pressure” will balance and support the body in moving this issue: “I am Word through my knowing of myself as healed.” What you are doing is you are bringing in the higher frequency through this decree, which actually brin


P. 185-186 The focus of this lesson is the physical body.  Whether we like it or not the body is an aspect of our learning here. We have chosen the body we have with all of its stuff. Some teachers would compare it to a space suit, the space suit we put on in order to function here on planet Earth. As with clothes “one size does not fit all,” so we each have a unique space suit to function with.  The mind would love to be able to figure this one out, “Why did I choose this one?” “I like her space suit much better than mine; how come I did not get that one?” and on and on. As so often happens in life, I might never know the purpose of an event until long after the experience. How many times have we reflected,, “Ah, that’s what it was al about. That’s why.” So the body is many things; it is our vehicle for  functioning here on earth as well as being a set of lessons we have chose to learn. “Now we want to talk about your bodies right now and what they really are


p. 181-184 I was in “story telling” mode during this session, and I hope that was not too distracting. I just kept thinking of some personal situations that seemed to be appropriate examples of the material.  The key element here is something that has been touched upon quite often in these books by Paul and the guides, ACIM, etc. and that is our thoughts create our reality—but nobody ever told us how that happens.  I am borrowing a piece of imagery from the old Greek philosophers.* Imagine there is a substance, like soft clay. It has no form of its own, it is just this shapeless blob. But then someone comes along and decides to make a pot out of some of that clay, and puts the clay on a potter's wheel and shapes and molds it.  What has happened here is that I have “informed” the clay with a thought, with a shape and function. Now suppose that there is an unlimited supply of spiritual clay or potential energy, that has no form of its own, but it is just this shap


                      IDENTITY AND KNOWING 1 p. 178-181 There is a difference between being in my knowing and thinking about being in my knowing. As i am working with this section, I realize that the prayers/affirmations are statements of truth rather than something we are attempting to create.  For instance, saying and affirming that “I am a Divine child of God” is quite different from living from that truth. When I am living from the truth of my Divine heritage, I am not thinking about it. I am not reflecting, “Hey I’m in my Divine Sonship right now.”  I am just in it. Perhaps a more human example is when I am loving somebody, I am not reflecting or thinking about loving this person. I am just simply loving them. Now with this example, I can reflect on how much I do love this person, and that is a very true reflection, but it is not the same as being in the experience of loving. Kurt Vonnegut’s book Deadeye Dick begins: “To the as-yet-unborn, to all innocent wisps of