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p.281-283 I am not quite sure how we got there, but as we were completing this section before chapter 15, we were drawn into a discussion about attachments. It would be easy to fall into moralistic arguments about the right and wrong of attachment, but those debates are terribly nonproductive. The Buddha suggested in the first Noble truth that “life is suffering;” the second Noble truth says that “All suffering comes from attachment.” It is a reflection of that often misquoted piece from  Old Testament, “Money is the root of all evil.” Whereas the correct expression  is “The love of money is the root of all evil” or, we might say, “the attachment to money is the root of all evil.” It is also very easy, in our search for spiritual meaning, to deny the things of the earth, but this is not the point either. There's a difference between enjoying something as opposed to being attached to it. I believe we are meant to enjoy the things of the earth and to do that in a loving, respecti


“As you have called forth the Word through your energy field in decree, you have set in motion the action of the Divine to transform you. These transformations have been in consciousness and those of you who are already feeling energy will be feeling what is coming as we speak to you in the remainder of this text. However, for those of you who are newer to the work and feeling energy for the first time, we will ask you simply to allow for the fact that the work that you have done to date has taken hold, and your energy field has been transformed by the dictation and by the decree and by the willingness to stand in your knowing as a Divine Being.” There have been many times when we have received messages of this great coming enlightenment. I am not sure about everybody else, but I was severely disappointed every time the world did not change. I waited after the Harmonic Convergence after the Mayan calendar ran out. I recall there were many events like that which called our atte


We spent a good bit of time discussing these ideas of perception, manifestation and the perception of the world we live in the difference between acceptance and victimhood. There are no certain rules for one or the other. Most of the time it is necessary to discern or ask for guidance from the Spirit as a particular situation arises. I believe that the message of Jesus of “Turning the other cheek walks very fine balance between judgment, blame violence and victimhood. Of course on the other side of that picture it is noting what is said in The Course—“That every human interaction is either an act of love or a cry for help.” How do I respond to a cry for help without becoming a victim to it. And you see there is no clear-cut answer to that either. We could talk about all sorts of possible scenarios, “What should I do in a particular situation? But, first of all, none of us knows how we would react in a particular situation unless we are confronted with it. So most of these


Page 270 to 271 “As I go on my way, I stop and see all that I’ve seen and I recognize it for what it has been: a part of myself out-pictured in form. And I recognize the creations for what they have been. And I give thanks, I give humble thanks for my awareness now, and I will go forward and release them to the light. As I go, I know. As I go, I support myself in love. As I go, I accept the gifts of the spirit that are acclimating to my frequency so I may better serve the needs of others who I will carry to their next level of knowing. I am journeying now. I am in spirit, I am in frequency, and I am about to extend myself to the manifestation of love. I sing a song today of wonder. I sing a song today of love. And I am rejoicing in my choice to be free. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” In the beginning section today, we reread that prayer, that affirmation on p. 270, and one sentence there that really stood out for me this morning—the idea of carrying other