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p. 233-236 The book is again speaking of the psychic connection. Now I think there are a couple of pieces of hidden agenda here. One is that we can freak out with this idea psychic gifts, but the point is not to run out and buy a crystal ball The teaching is to be open to know and to experience abilities be on beyond what you have thought. The second piece of hidden agenda here is to realize that many of the things that are spoken about here are things we have already done. The object lesson is to become more consciously aware of using these gifts or these skills. This is not about comparison to anyone else nor is it about intruding on someone else. There have probably been times in your life when you have thought about another person and perhaps been aware that they might be in pain or distress and you contacted them and they were very appreciative of your connection with them. They might not even have been consciously aware of what was going on, but after the contact per


p. 229-233 Much of today's lesson was a guided imagery adapted from pages 230 to 232. you might want to check out the recording at: I believe one of the most important aspects that we discuss ed was the difference between guided imagery of the past and what we are working on right now. The difference, as I see it, is that in imageries of the past we were simply “imagining" something or imagining what it would be like. And that is very nice and good but for most of us it still remains in the realm of the imagination (not quite real). When we are speaking of imagining now, we are suggesting that this is also a way of knowing . It is a way of knowing that bypasses the thinking mind and yet still opens us to a deeper truth. All of us know; all of us to know the truth of who we are we would not be here. Unless there was an aspect of us that was in contact with the truth we would not be ev


We are going to explore manifestation in a deeper way. We have spoken about “creating your own reality” in different ways, and we realize that the understanding of this principle can be confusing and frustrating. Who would like to make this more clear for all of you. So let us take an example from the physical world. Suppose you wanted an apple. Now there are many ways to get one, and all of these are varied ways of manifestation. If you believed you fully in your power to create and the power of your thoughts create (In other words the power of your thoughts to mold in shape the etheric substance that is all around you) then you could put out your hand and say “Apple” or just think “Apple” and there're would be. Many of Jesus's miracles we're similar to that kind of manifestation whether that was walking on water, feeding the 5000, or even healing someone. There are many other ways of manifesting an apple. You could find an apple seed or even buy one and plant it


P. 218-225 Combined class summaries 11/20 & 11/27 This section gets down to the real nitty-gritty of the choices that are involved in raising our vibration and keeping it there (as best we can). I believe that we often forget that when resistance arrises in whatever form that the resistance is really the coming to the surface of something that needs to be healed or released. It is so easy to react against those things or to judge ourselves thinking there must be something wrong. There is not anything wrong;  the resistance is simply a woundeddness, a behavior pattern, thought or idea that needs healing or release. So when resistance shows up we are encourage to welcome it rather than to fight it or to judge it:  “So understand, everybody, when you encounter resistance through this work, it is actually a blessing and a real indication that you are moving forward. Obstacles come up when it is time to overcome them, and fear will have its way when fear is about to be


In the midst of all the election turmoil I felt it would be very remiss of me not to address some of the hurt, pain and confusion that might be going on with some of us. Two thoughts that have been with me continually: one is there are never any winners if we think there are losers, and the other second is much more simple and that is HEALING. And I believe those two principles would apply no matter what the results of elections might have been. Our nation is so divided and there has been an undercurrent of fear and anger and prejudice that has been exposed that certainly needs our loving attention. This destructive undercurrent was not recently created, it has been here for quite some time, but today it has been brought to consciousness and whenever something is brought to consciousness it is there to be healed. There is a simple truth here, that I cannot heal what I am not aware of.  Again it is very easy to think of those things as being “out there” someplace having to


p. 213-218 I have to say that I felt profoundly blessed during Sunday's lesson. There was an experience that came to me as I was attempting to describe some of the material  and that was an image and a deep sense of this paradoxical state that we can be in sometimes during our spiritual work. I recall I was speaking of desire, and as the book pointed out we are not condemning the desires of the body or the ego, but to be aware how easily we can fall into that state of yearning and desire and miss what it is that we really truly are drawn to.  I was taking off from the book itself, and I began to speak about what I was calling “desires of the soul” )even though the word ‘desire’ is not quite right it's the best we can). I was reminded of that wonderful quote from Augustine “Lord, You have made our hearts are restless and they will never rest until they rest in Thee.” There is a desire within soul to embrace and to be embraced by that sense of Oneness, of unity, or we


This last chapter ends with a reminder that we already know many of these lessons, but the challenge now is to continually to put them into conscious practice. This is not something that is done online with the mind or just mental discipline. This is about spiritual awareness, opening and openness to the truth of who you are, releasing any conflict with that. Releasing doubt, releasing fear. Francis's prayer made this very clear “Lord make me an instrument of your peace.” Just take that in for a moment. Imagine what that would be like that to be instrument of your peace. What would it be like to apply that to current situations in our lives? Our opinions of who is to be elected and why or on a smaller scale our relationships with our family, our coworkers. What would it be like to be an instrument of peace and how often what I need to stop for and change the direction of my thoughts? “Now allow us to work with you. “I am receiving myself as healed of those attachment


The guides remind us: “This is a process. This is not magic, but this is done when it is done” I was reminded of Yogi Berra when he said it ain't over until it's over. You see, the mind, the thinking mind is always looking one step or perhaps more than one step ahead. That is simply the way is made. It is made in some ways to be dissatisfied, so it is constantly looking, constantly searching. The soul or your spiritual nature is in a different place. It also is continually moving forward, but instead of moving forward out of the sense of necessity or frustration, it moves forward in love because that is its purpose. It does not perceive its present state as being lacking in anything. It accepts and embraces its present state in the perfection that it is at this moment. In that that in grace, in that awareness, in that acceptance is the key to moving forward. The guides also remind us that "You can choose differently" ACIM states the same thing, “You can choos