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BOOK OF LOVE AND CREATION  5/15 & 5/22 p. 116-121 So much of the seeming conflict in our lives emanates from the particular identity or role we are living out of at the time.  Rather that getting into ego bashing, which really serves no purpose, let’s just walk through typical day and notice what happens.  So here I am faithfully starting my day with prayer and meditation AND I set my intention for the highest good; I remind myself that I am Word (I am one with the creative power of the universe). And now I am happy because there is an abundance of hot water for a shower and shave; then I am annoyed because my towel stinks; then I start thinking about my first cup of coffee; and then I discover there’s no more frosted flakes, and before I realize it, I’m getting ready for bed and I realize I’ve been asleep all day. I come to the end of a day or a week and ask myself, where was I? I know I got all the jobs done, but was I really present to any of it? Was I lis


P. 113-116 Years ago there was a bumper sticker that read, “Question Authority.” I think that would be a good working title for this section. “Why am I doing what I am doing?” Now the thing here is not about not doing what you are doing—it is about Awareness. Am I just doing what I am doing because it is the norm; or I do not want to be criticized or look different? Am I just doing it because this is the way you are supposed to do things? I’m reminded of the infamous parental dictate we all heard one way or another when we are attempting to justify a certain behavior—“Well, if Tommy (or Jane) jumped off the Empire State Building would you?” As a annoying as that was, most of us would have to confess that we probably would not—In other words our behavior at that moment was dictated much more by what the crowd was doing rather than our own free choice.  Now, this is not always totally simple. For instance, I am writing this lesson now for many reasons. I told you I would