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Page 268- 270 This is a great summary, not only of the chapter, but I think of all the work up until this point.  To summarize the summary on page 269 the guides suggest, and we have told you already many times, that the work of the book is to align you to love, to love, to love, to love. “We have told you already, many times, that the work of the book is to align you to love. To love, to love, to love. Now the action of love, as we have said, is to be in love, in the frequency of love. And how you respond from that frequency is the mission, it is the decision, it is the wonder of this teaching. The love that you have so far self-identified as is a mission in possibility and now the possibility will become the reality. This is the next section of the book. It is where we are taking you, and it is the work that is to come.” Now, I realize that you and I get this. I realize that you and I get this on an intellectual level and we respond to an intellectual level, but if you


P. 266-268 We already know what the Christ consciousness is. We all know we have it. We all know this intellectually, the challenge here is to know it experientially. All of us have experience being in love. I do not mean 16-year-old infatuation. I am speaking of having an open heart, a wide open heart, towards another. This easy to imagine with a little baby or  a puppy or a kitten, but each one us has probably experienced the deeper experience of forgiveness. And the language we are using In this book you will notice that forgiveness or letting go of anger and resentment or releasing judgment  changes the vibration that you are in. It is not difficult to sense the difference between the vibration anger and judgment as compared to the vibration of Forgiveness. I am suggesting that this is one-way out of many that we can experience Christ consciousness. I would also suggest that There are many examples in your own life of When you have experience this consciousness.


We actually moved from page 262 to page 266! Two things that I wanted to mention that bypassed me last week. (when I forget something that seems so obvious and clear, I am not in touch with it).  The first is, no matter what perspective we are taking about being right or knowing the truth, we are, most of the time, without realizing it, speaking of our personality self. I need to be reminded that my personality self by its very nature is a limited form of consciousness. If in anyway it is the truth it is the truth of the small "t." This is not an objection or judgment so much as the  realization that the personality self only sees a part of the picture.  I'm reminded of an old story I heard. Two friends, one of a teacher and one a psychiatrist were at a social gathering, when the teacher began talking about a student who he was finding very difficult to deal with, and so the psychiatrist friend allowed him to ramble on a little bit then stop for a moment and th

I Am Worthy #3

This was a very interesting class. We repeated the affirmation was found on p. 262 and I asked the question whether or not there was anything in there that stood out for people. The first response we received was the idea was a sense of choice. From that point on we really never returned to the book (not sorry about that, the discussion and discovery was one of the best we’ve had). We spent our time not only exploring choice but also knowing the things or understanding or getting a better feel for the things that we are attached to. Before we talked about the affirmation, I began the class by pointing out that the title of the chapter is I am Worthy , but up until this point there was no mention of worthiness or unworthiness. All the material up to now was speaking about attachments and values. I was attempting to discover a link between worth or worthiness and values and attachments. What I became aware of was that our attachments do not necessarily make us worthy or unworthy. In


Pages 260-262 We are continuing to speak of manifestation. We have received lessons in the past with such things as the book and the movie called "The Secret" that have focused on this whole concept of manifestation, and even though the focus was much more on the material world--things like physical objects, and jobs, money, etc. the principles remain the same. However we are instructed here that it is very easy to use wonderful marvelous spiritual tool like manifestation for something or somethings that don't necessarily bring us to growth and spiritual awareness. In fact, they can distract us from that awareness. (Something interesting just happened here: I've been dictating for about another 10 minutes or so and the entire dictation disappeared, so I guess I'm supposed to do it again and there's obviously something I'm supposed to be learning here that I missed or need to be reinforced . An often misquoted piece of scripture is that "Money