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The guides remind us: “This is a process. This is not magic, but this is done when it is done” I was reminded of Yogi Berra when he said it ain't over until it's over. You see, the mind, the thinking mind is always looking one step or perhaps more than one step ahead. That is simply the way is made. It is made in some ways to be dissatisfied, so it is constantly looking, constantly searching. The soul or your spiritual nature is in a different place. It also is continually moving forward, but instead of moving forward out of the sense of necessity or frustration, it moves forward in love because that is its purpose. It does not perceive its present state as being lacking in anything. It accepts and embraces its present state in the perfection that it is at this moment. In that that in grace, in that awareness, in that acceptance is the key to moving forward. The guides also remind us that "You can choose differently" ACIM states the same thing, “You can choos


p. 199-203  It finally dawned on me that this chapter is about forgiveness. Reprimand seems like such a strange word or concept, but really it is about judgment or self-judgment.  Simply put when we are in self judgment we are out of the flow. In a sense all judgment is self-judgment. I believe I have used this quote before from Thomas Merton: "The arrow with which I shoot my enemy has to pass through my own heart first".  (As the guides have done many times before, they are using a word that we are somewhat unfamiliar with so that we might look at self-judgment in a new light).And when we find ourselves in judgment, one of the solutions if not the major solution is forgiveness.  Now another significant theme to this chapter is awareness and that we can only heal what we are willing to heal and I can only be willing to heal that which I am aware of. (ACIM also states "God cannot heal what we are not willing to let go of.") Here is where we begin to dea


P. 195-199 I found the title of this chapter somewhat strange. Reprimand is not a word we normally use but you probably have discovered that many times the guides will use words we are not terribly familiar with in order for us to look at them differently. An alternative word we are familiar with that is quite similar in context is “criticize”. And when we are in criticism we are in judgment and when we are in judgment we are in separateness thinking.  Each one of us has probably developed a very powerful inner critic. Most of us have become so used to this internal criticism that we hardly even recognize it is there anymore, but believe me even if we are not conscious of it, it is still there. Now the psychology of this is quite simple. If we grow up in an atmosphere of high criticism, we realized even as a child how hurtful that can be especially coming from those in power. And so one of the few things we could do to protect ourselves from that was to invent our own inner cr


p. 190-194 “Now when we say this, “I am Word through the one before me,” you are actually serving that aspect of the person before you that requires healing. “I am Word through my friend’s liver.” “I am Word through my friend’s eyesight.” “I am Word through my friend’s heart, Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word” supports them in receiving frequency where it is needed. It does not require touch; it requires intention. And as this happens, the frequency in the body of your friend goes into receptivity and the energy is sent and dispersed by that person to where it is intended to go. Now understand this. When you send the energy in healing through intention, “I am Word through the one before me,” where the energy goes is the energy’s business. You are not in charge of dictating the passage of this frequency. Allow the frequency to do what it needs to do in order to move and realign those aspects of those persons’ self that require a higher vibration in order to he