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PERHAPS I AM BEING VERY LAZY THIS WEEK, BUT i was touched by this lesson and how it approached the material in our Sunday class from a different direction. The Dynamics of Giving and Receiving from Ram Dass//Posted March 10, 2017 What yogis begin to do is to change their way of thinking in order to look at the universe differently. In order to do this, there is a period of time where they must pull back from the drama in order to be able to see it. It’s like a moratorium, it’s a time when you stand back, like you go on a vacation. It’s actually extremely hard work by the way, very exacting and very, very difficult work. Now when most of us think of yogis, we think of somebody sitting like a famous yogi, like Milarepa, sitting up in a cave in the mountains, cross-legged and naked. There was snow, and ants were eating him, and the only food he took was nettle soup, and he ate it for so long he developed a green nettle fur all over him. But he was busy freeing himself from t


Rather than go through the lesson point by point as I've done previously, there were three particular points in this lesson that I found to be extremely important and I felt as if they needed to be expanded upon. If you would like to get a more concise view of the entire lesson, I was suggest listening to the recording. The thoughts I would like to expand upon are underlined in the following passage “Everybody here has the ability, inherently, to see, to hear, to feel frequency. That is part of what you do anyway every day. The difference here, in this text, is we wish you to have the experience of it so you can begin to accept yourself as an energy being. And as that happens, the constructs of control cannot control you in the same way because you begin to see them for what they are. They are illusion; they are there to do their work. But your work, we say, in manifestation of the self will b


A brief review of the past that is pertinent to the present.   “Paul is asking, “Where is the Christ in me? How do I identify this part of me that you speak of?” And we will tell you now. The Christ within you is a frequency that is aligned within the heart center and it glows like a flame and it brings to it that vibration and frequency that co-resonates with it. And that which it brings to co-resonance is the Creator. If you understand that your light is a piece of the great light, then you have the beginning of the understanding of your Christed Self. If you understand that this light, in its blooming, in its flame, in its action, is the action of the Christ within man, you have a deeper understanding. If you begin to understand that the action of this Christ, once and for all, is to become realized as man in completeness, then you have the mystery of the Christ revealed to you. And the mystery of the Christ, and how it shall be revealed, will be the causation of the action of