Rather than go through the lesson point by point as I've done previously, there were three particular points in this lesson that I found to be extremely important and I felt as if they needed to be expanded upon. If you would like to get a more concise view of the entire lesson, I was suggest listening to the recording.

The thoughts I would like to expand upon are underlined in the following passage

“Everybody here has the ability, inherently, to see, to hear, to feel frequency. That is part of what you do anyway every day. The difference here, in this text, is we wish you to have the experience of it so you can begin to accept yourself as an energy being. And as that happens, the constructs of control cannot control you in the same way because you begin to see them for what they are. They are illusion; they are there to do their work. But your work, we say, in manifestation of the self will be grand and will not align to it.
We would like to teach you today about listening in a different way. And we want you to listen to yourselves as the one in authority. As the one who can say, “I am in my responsibility when I do my work.” And that, quite simply, means you have to become very aware of when you are not, when you are acting unconsciously, or when you are in your fear. Most of you operate this way all the time and then don’t notice it. But the responsibility of being in dominion—and that is the title of this chapter, “Dominion in Love”—is to be aware of all these things. When you are feeding yourself food that you needn’t, when you are taking a train when you should be walking, when you are yelling when you should be laughing, when you are resting when you should be at play, become aware of yourselves.
Now Paul is questioning the word “should,” which he has alarms with. And we will explain what we mean. We have said to you before you always have a high choice and a low choice. The high choice lifts your frequency; the low choice diminishes it. So we say “should” to imply, “We encourage you to take the high choice.” When you are in your fear and you are working on it to lift you out of it, you are in the high choice. When you are “freaking out,” as they say, you are probably feeding the energy of fear and creating from that place. And when you create in fear, you have to dismantle those creations. So we are giving you a little timesaver by saying, “Choose the higher.” Your willingness to be on your path is supported by the universe. That is the choice you make when you go forward in your knowing. The Universe always greets the application for growth. That is the nature of life. And stagnation and fear is not the choice that is supported, so we would bring you to this knowing:
“I am now choosing to know that all the paths that I am now taking will lead me to higher frequency and that I am being supported in this choice by my Creator, by the Universe, and by my own Divine Knowing. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”


The first thought is reminiscent have a Course in Miracles which suggests that we are always creating and that “We can either create out of default or consciousness.” When we are creating by default, which seems to be a rather typical state of mind for us human beings, then those products of the ego and the limited mind, fear, blame, shame, and guilt are likely the bases for our creations. It only when we are conscious and aware, that our creations are more a reflection of our Divine Self. I believe this is an essential teaching and learning for those of us on planet Earth. To become more and more aware, to be grateful for that awareness, and in knowing that we create from that awareness. If we want to create goodness joy, love, peace, they must be created from the state of conscious awareness. It does not happen any other way.


The second thought it Is centered around the word “should” which Paul immediately reacted to along with most of us. For one thing, that is an expression of the limitation of language, but on there is also a reasonable explanation for the use of that word given by the guides. “Should” is not a statement of moral obligation. “Should” is more a reflection of the highest choices that are available to us. How many times have we said to ourselves, “I should have been more kind; I should've been more loving?” This was not necessarily a judgment or a condemnation. it was a statement that I could have been more aware than I was, and that if I was in this state of deeper awareness, I would have chosen to respond differently.


This third one I must be very grateful for the information that flowed to me. There have been a number of times in the book when guides have used this word “dismantling” with regards to the vibration of thoughts or actions. I never quite understood exactly what they meant by that. It became clear this morning as I listened to the words that were given to me what is talked about here, and I feel it is a tremendously powerful piece of our spiritual understanding. It is a part of the process that is often overlooked.

One we fall into anger or fear or any other lower vibrational pattern of thought or pattern of action, we actually create an energy, a low vibrational energy. This low vibrational energy does not simply disappear when you decide to think differently, or choose love over fear, for example. The guides are suggesting that this low vibrational energy we created first needs to be dismantled or taken apart before the choice of a higher vibration can really be effective.

I thought about what it would be like to be a small child who's having a bad dream. He/she cries; the parents come into the room; the child explains what he or she is afraid of— the monsters under the bed or in the closet, etc. The child inadvertently, through its fear has created a thought form a fearfulness that has energy around it. 

The other parents could simply say, “That’s silly; there’s no monsters around here just go back to bed; it's okay; you're safe. And just sort of gloss over that negative energy, knowing what they were saying was intellectually true and leaving it at that.

You and I know, if we were observing that situation closely, the child would probably swallow, suck it up, and pretend that everything was okay but that is not really the truth. The energy of that low vibration thought form still remains and just trying to covered over does not really help. Understanding parents, even though they might not have this language, want to find a way to dismantle this thought form and then put into place the love and concern for their child. So they might bring in flashlight and have the child look under the bed and closet. “Look there really is nothing here. What you had was a bad dream and we know that can be disturbing, but there’s nothing here. “Look under the bed, in the closet. Watch this. There’s  nothing different when we turn the light out. So what we will do is we will leave the door open and we will leave the light on as you go to sleep and you know that we love you and that you are safe.

The thought form of fear has been dismantled, taken apart not just glossed over. We are encouraged to do similar exercises with ourselves, not just to jump from a negative thought to a positive one, but to go back to the energy field, the vibration that we might've created out of fear or anger or shame, and consciously dismantle that as we did with the child. We look at and say, “Ah, thats fear. Here's what that looks like; here's what I was projecting; let me pray that that be released. Let me see how that is an abstraction to my peace of mind; let me give it over to God; let me release those things I cannot change. And now let me fill that space with loving peaceful choice.

Do you get a sense of the difference between glossing over negativity that we might have created as compared to  literally taking it apart, dismantling it in a loving way so that now love and freedom can enter that space that was once occupied by fear and entrapment.

Thank you for staying with this one. I believe this last section on dismantling, as I mentioned before, is an extremely important piece and one that is often ignored about our spiritual growth and awareness.

Thank you thank you thank you


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