A brief review of the past that is pertinent to the present.  

“Paul is asking, “Where is the Christ in me? How do I identify this part of me that you speak of?” And we will tell you now. The Christ within you is a frequency that is aligned within the heart center and it glows like a flame and it brings to it that vibration and frequency that co-resonates with it. And that which it brings to co-resonance is the Creator. If you understand that your light is a piece of the great light, then you have the beginning of the understanding of your Christed Self. If you understand that this light, in its blooming, in its flame, in its action, is the action of the Christ within man, you have a deeper understanding. If you begin to understand that the action of this Christ, once and for all, is to become realized as man in completeness, then you have the mystery of the Christ revealed to you. And the mystery of the Christ, and how it shall be revealed, will be the causation of the action of this text.”    Excerpt From: Paul Selig. “I Am the Word.”

Probably a brief but concise summary of today's lesson would be that marvelous reflection from A Course in Miracles: “When you bring the past into the present you create a future just like your past.”

Today we are encouraged again to release all of those preconceived ideas, all of those old definitions of self. All of those old labels, signs, bumper stickers, pieces of information, all limiting beliefs are released. Not to make room for something so much but as to reveal the truth of who we really are. It is not suggested that this is an easy process. Most of us have used the masks we wear or the fronts we put on or the egotistical notions of who we are as ways and means of attempting to keep ourselves safe.

It is interesting to know that, on some level, we realize how flimsy this personality self is,  how fragile are all the walls are, all the illusions we have hidden ourselves behind, if we realize that piece, any illusions or negativity that we have held onto begins to dissolve fairly rapidly.

Our bodies and our personalities do not disappear, and yet we begin to be aware of them for what they are, not a definition of self, but vehicles we use to be able to communicate and connect in this material world. It's sort of like realizing the telephone is not the conversation. The menu is not the  meal. Are they important? Certainly they are for the function they serve but that is all.

“When you are embarking on great change, you have a mission before you, and that is to face the change with gratitude, with welcoming, with an open mind and an open heart, because then you can be taken to someplace wonderful. When you are frightened of the journey, you hide from everything or you wish to remain only in the comfortability of the known, and we say to you in truth, that is no longer possible, it cannot be held. And not just for you, but for anyone.
The transition on this planet into frequency is calling everything to the light. That which has been hidden will be revealed. That which has been kept in darkness will be brought to the light, and this happens on the level of the individual. It happens in the level of government and culture and society, and this will be happening again and again and again.”

I was reminded of another passage from the first book, I am Word

“Now we will tell you one thing. The country’s role at this time is not to be the leader. It is to be the model of great transition. And how this country observes itself in transition will become the marker for the survival of this country in the passing years. This country has an opportunity now to relinquish power in a vibrational way that has been assertive and active, engaged “against” as opposed to “for.” And once that is understood, that there can be a kindness and a consciousness and a wisdom, many, many, many things can change here. However, if you revert to the patterning of the past, which is the consciousness of the country as it still stands, of entitlement and outrage and self-congratulatory-ness for its own past conquerings, you will find that the country has a difficult, difficult time ahead of it.”

As discussed many times a major focus of this work is awareness. When I become aware of those thoughts, ideas, or patterns of behavior that no longer serve me, they become much more easily released, but if I am still protecting these patterns, thinking that I will lose something if I give them up, then the release becomes more difficult.

“As you release your attachment to habit, to the known, to a status quo that may not be servicing, you realign it to the new requirements that you will call to. When your heart is open, when you are in your knowing, you are in congruence. The Divine Will, your soul’s knowing, and your own being can all be operating in tandem and then you are set on the right road and you will know.”

The guides we'll use a word or phrase that's sparks a follow-up idea or extension other particular thought. As I read that last paragraph speaking about our rights road I recalled that marvelous prayer of Thomas Merton which stated in part, “you will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it.”**

There are many references here as well to being in “your knowing.” We cannot define that for you because it is beyond definition. How do you know that you are loved? How do you know that you are loving? are simply a few questions we can ask that project you into a consciousness that is beyond or deeper than words.

It is ironic that one of the ways you can realize you are in your knowing is when your ego mind creates all sorts of objections or wants to contradict the truth that you have already found within yourself.


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