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As I began thinking about this blog, the words to a song came into my mind. "I feel it in my fingers; I feel it in my toes; Love is all around me and so the felling grows. It's written on the wind; it's everywhere I go.." )from "Love is All Around." As you can tell, even though the writer is using the word "feeling" the sentiment is beyond the five regular senses we use--he's talking much more about vibration than feeling. This chapter introduces us to a deeper aspect of love.  Although it seems to be left-brained, I would like to share some definitions of love I have come across in my travels, each one has an quality or point of view that can be meaningful. The first one I came across was from a book by Robert Heinlein titled "Stranger in a Strange Land."(one of those books that was part of the Hippie Bible in the '60's). "Love is that state when someone else's happiness is essential to your own." Initia


P. 81-85   Even though we have not quite finished this chapter, I am going to complete it in this blog; and then the next installment will begin with Chapter 5: AWARENESS IN RELATIONSHIPS AND CONSCIOUS STRUCTURES OF LOVE. There is a piece of wisdom I continually come across (because I keep forgetting it): Simply put—Don’t get into fight with your ego—you cannot win. It is like trying to argue with a three year old! Once you discover you have overly identified with your little self, pull back for a moment, recognize the conflict; recognize the difference between the ego’s self-centered/fear-based motivation and the motivation of Love and occupation originating from your Higher Self. Know that now you are aware, you have a choice. There is much talk of alignment in this chapter, and I realize that word can be confusing. Some other words or descriptions we could use are “being in synch with;  being congruent with; being in harmony with; being identified with; being in agr


p. 78-83 I know I get still hung up a little on labels like clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. What I have to realize is my resistance is all about fear and not-enoughness.  Why would I be frightened about being offered a spiritual gift? All I can think of is at my mind is saying, “Oh, that’s not for me.” “I don’t know if I could handle that.” What would it take to say and really believe, “I am worthy of all the gifts, knowledge and wisdom that God has to offer his child?” **** To “lighten the load” a bit, I have decided, for now, to say, “I am willing to stretch; I am willing to grow; I am open to the gifts you offer me, and I pray that I use them well.” None of us know what form the gifts will take and so it is counterproductive to become fixated on one thing or another. Just as a for instance up until a year or so ago I would never have considered writing music. It was not until a teacher of mine “pushed “ me into it that I discovered I could do what I thought


p. 73-78 A reminder—when the book speaks of “feeling something", e.g. feeling something in your body, we are not talking about emotions; feelings here refers more to sensing and sensations. For instance, I can have  sense of another sadness even if I am not feeling that as an emotion. Much of this section is about “tuning in” to ourselves and others. If we were to imagine ourselves as more than our bodies, we would begin to get a sense of the energy field that surrounds us, and if that is true for us, then we can also begin to get a sense of the energy field around others as well. Just a simple example, when you are at the grocery store looking for a particular item and perhaps standing in the middle of the aisle, if you are aware, you almost immediately realize there is someone behind you wanting to get by, and then there are other times when a bulldozer might not get your attention! So what is the purpose of all this? Is it to read minds, or becoming controlli


P. 70-73 I think the most important idea that came through me this Sunday was: “As you continue to do you spiritual work, your gifts will be made manifest perfectly for you, but none of us know what those gifts are going to look like, how they are going to feel, etc. They will come to us when we are ready and exactly when they are supposed to, and our intellect has nothing to do with the process. I can get very attached to the form I think my spiritual gifts are supposed to take, and this attachment limits me because a spiritual gift or power might show up for me and I might not event know it is there because I am focusing on my preconceived notion of what it is suppose to be and how it is supposed to show up!  Much of what is touched upon here is not new, but the way it is presented is new. We are not used to dealing with these ideas of frequency and vibration. The Aikido master story we read (it is printed in full at the end of this lesson) is a good example. If you