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      HEALING AND THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 6 The lesson begins with affirming some information about what the book refers to as “knowing” or “being in your knowing.” This is not the same as information that comes to us through our senses and is processed by our intellect. Certainly, that is a way of knowing, but the kind of knowing we are speaking of here is more of the knowing of the heart. I might go beyond reasoning and logic, and it is a reflection of being in touch with the deeper truth. For example, “How do you know you are loved?” Most of us would answer that question by saying, “Well I feel it or I just know it.” The feelings that are spoken of here are not the ordinary emotions of our feeling self, it is more of an internal sense that goes beyond definition that allows us to be aware of this truth. We are also encouraged not totally depend upon that “feeling” because many times it can become confused with human emotion. The kind of knowing we are speaking of here goes bey


                     HEALING AND THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 5 I believe it is finally dawning on me that the soul's viewpoint is different from that of the material world, even in the most positive things we are seeking. For instance, if our prayer is for peace in the world there is usually an image that comes to mind: everybody getting along, hugging one another, and being nice. There is nothing the matter with that image, but it is not a true or complete reflection of the Christ or the divine nature. Now do not ask me what that is, for I do not know yet, but I do know that my limited perception even in its highest realms, is nowhere near the truth of what is. At this time in the world we are offered deep and powerful lessons to go beyond our personality self and the personality self of others as well. If you are like me, every time you flip on news or even hear a story about news, you can immediately go into outrage. And then when I become lost in that consciousness,


    HEALING AND CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 4 p. 317-320 I must begin I must begin with a little poem from Shel Silverstein I read last week —I think it is a beautiful metaphor for truth and illusion.                                                                                         "There are kids underneath my bed Cried little baby monster Fred. Momma monster smiled, "Oh, Fred, There's no such things as kids," she said. We ended last week with an idea that we have all been familiar with and that is suppressed emotions can cause problems. They can produce dis-ease  in the body as well as create negative vibrations that can affect us on many levels. The following quote from book it Is wonderful psychological wisdom as well as spiritual truth.                                                                         “Do not suppress. Allow the emotion to arise and to become what it wants to be in its expression, but then understand


                    HEALING AND CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 3 p. 313-317 The theme of this lesson is quite simple. In the practice of healing another, we are encouraged to be in touch with our intuitive self, and as we can, to hold this individual in the highest light possible. We let go of any expectations we might have of how this energy will affect this person or how they will receive it. We do not know why an illness or perceived imperfection would manifest itself in another. What we do know is that everything we are confronted with in life is a lesson created by the soul of something we are to learn. Now if that is true for us, it is true for all others as well. “I am now choosing to serve as a vehicle for the healing of my brother.”  Say you tune in to someone in their frequency and you move through their body in consciousness as if you are an x-ray or a scanner and you move through the body and you begin to feel in your own where they are holding pain or dis-ease. You can