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                                                                    REMEMBER 9   p. 300-302 One of the major distinctions we made is the difference between knowing who you are and being who you are. In the deeper realm of Spirit they are the same. However, for most of us, we inadvertently rely on our thinking mind rather than our intuitive spiritual nature. This is neither an argument nor a judgment; it is simply a suggestion that, as we have mentioned before, knowing can occur on levels other than intellect. The major focus for this lesson is being able to listen to yourself. How you answer and how do you listen to your own inner knowing is probably going to be different for each one of you, so you do not get too hung up on “hearing” words or “seeing” pictures. Just as you have outer senses that are more dominant than others, so also we all have inner senses which are more dominant or stronger than others. As you practice listening to yourself, you will become more and


p. 298-300 The major portion of this lesson was expressed through a meditation. I will post link to that meditation on this site. As with many lessons before, this one today is about expanding your sense of self. It is suggested that most, if not all, limitations on our awareness of who we are are self-imposed. Now they might not have been an initially imposed by ourselves. We might have adopted them from family, friends, church, school, and other social institutions. To blame those now though is ridiculous. The problems or untruths might have begun outside of us, but they are our problem today and it is up to us to find solutions. This lesson today is about listening to yourself, your own inner voice, the voice of intuition, or the voice of the divine self and to apply that listening to manifesting your own solutions to your needs and also being aware of the needs of others. I would suggest that on some levels we are already aware of this, but because the thinking mi


P.295-297 In speaking of gifts such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, clairsentience,  we are not about to take you down a path where you buy a crystal ball and set up shop. These gifts that we speak of are simply manifestations of a  deeper awareness. They are with you all the time. You are even using them without consciously realizing it. The following affirmation speaks to this truth. For a moment let us dissect if for better understanding. “I am now hearing myself and I am now hearing my knowing and I am now hearing my brother.” “I am hearing myself”- we are listening more to our own inner guidance, that is step one. “I am now hearing my knowing.”- this is step two;  you are not simply listening to your own inner guidance, you are recognizing it as being true. Stretching this just a bit, as you intuitively become aware of your own inner guidance and following it, you can also become aware that this is not simply a self-centered exercise. You can realize, through pra


We shared a recoding of a Ram Dass talk which i will attach a link of here. The conclusion of the talk brought us to a similar place where we ended last week,. “It’s actually a way of your releasing your attachment to the past and living in the empty space that will then be filled with truth.” Such a beautiful, powerful passage. The final section of Day Twenty-One explores language. It was suggested in the beginning of this series that the original title and continuing teaching would be “I Am Word.” Some people objected to that phraseology; others demanded an  intellectual explanation. I believe the story that Paul tells offers the simplest and best clarification.  As he tuned into the Guides (or they tuned into him) it was suggested that he buy a copy of the Jerusalem Bible and to read the beginning part of John's Gospel. Paul relates that he was not even sure is such a book existed. Well it did, and the first words that he read were,  “In the beginning