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p.328-9 Although this section speaks again of the physical body there are also some deep universal lessons that are reflected here. One of them is simply stated: “Now this love that we have for you cannot occupy you in the way it would like to, to the extent that you do not allow it for yourselves.” This is not a judgment; it is an awareness. This is an awareness of self-imposed limitations. Limitations that come from a perception of unworthiness or a short sighted perception of oneself.  Even much present day metaphysical literature will look upon the body as being a burden or an illusion. One of the many differences in these channeled works by Paul Selig is that the material world, including the physical body, are not rejected or made light of. They are recognized as part of the journey. The body is not just a vehicle we have chosen, it is also a teacher. What we are being asked to do here is what we would be asked to do with any teacher, and that is to love


      HEALING AND THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 8 p. 326-328 “We are going to teach you that your body is a joy. Regardless of what you feel about the physical form that you stand in, your body is a joy and it is a significant one. It is what allows you to have your experience on this physical plane. And if it doesn’t look like you wish it did, if it doesn’t perform the way you thought it should, it’s still a wonderful joy. And the physical body needs to become attuned to this. It needs to vibrate as joy, in an awareness of its worth, in order to be healed.” Of the theme today concerning the physical body. Often times or desire to rise above the things of the world for the cleaning nature of the things of the world we find ourselves either losing or missing some lessons that we are to learn. There are certainly times when the physical body or that we can experience the physical body as being a burden. There're certainly times we would like to drop it altogether. Not neces


HEALING AND THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS  7 p.325-326 We had a lively discussion this class. I would suggest checking out the audio version to get a more complete picture. Most of our discussion the idea of reincarnation. This is always intriguing subject which is open to much speculation and drama. I believe that the major reason why this subject was introduced was to emphasize that we are on a spiritual path of our own making. Before we incarnated this lifetime, we have decided the lessons that we are to learn. Usually further exploration into other lifetimes is much more dramatic and ego-based rather than helpful. I am not saying that is true for everyone, but it is so easy to get caught up in creating new stories that simply distract us from the necessary work we came here to do. Simply put the soul’s decided mission in any particular lifetime is to clean up some stuff we might call ka