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p.25-29 Many of us have heard parts of this message before, but in this book it is written in a very concise and beautiful way. Some major points: If I am focusing on a person with intention—and either being angry, loving or whatever energy you think of, that person place or situation is changed by the frequency of my intention. “Energy interacts with other energies, and as you energize an emotion and you send it out, you are impacting that thing which you are intending. And we will say that this is done intentionally and unconsciously, depending on where you are operating from in your awareness of your surroundings and your interactions with those you encounter. You can be passive or active, but you are still projecting your emotion on the object you focus on.” One of the strengths we are continually working on is awareness. I want to be more aware of what I am “putting out there” since I am beginning to recognize its power to influence and transform. When


p. 20-25 “We want to give you permission now to design a life that you want. But we want this life to be in construction with the needs of your Divine Self.” We are continuing working with our awareness of co-creation and manifestation.  Just look around and see what you “have” ( which is another way of saying what you have created), and decide what no long serves you.  We used the example of looking through your bookcase, and pulling out those items that no longer serve you (books you truly can say “been there; done that;” or those that you have been promising yourself to read for years, but never seem to get around to, and those you have read or not that just seem to hold no interest for you. Nothing is “bad” here; we are simply deciding what we no longer want/need or what no longer has meaning for you. Then, if you want to be energetically sound you can give them away, sell them or find another way to recycle. In this example we are not only cleaning out old st


p. 16-20 Again we are exploring the reality we live in, and deciding what we want and what no longer serves us. We are not making a value judgment on our stuff or our thoughts and beliefs. It is about discovering what no longer serves us and letting it go (if you want to). It would be like going through your closet and finding the clothes you no longer use or want. The clothes themselves might be perfectly fine, but you don’t want or need them anymore; you don’t like the style, etc. So they longer serve you. Now you could keep them or you could let go of what no longer serves you. That’s the deal—discovery and choice. “As you go about your day, we want you to begin to imagine that everything that you encounter you have chosen. Every smile from every stranger, every piece of dirt on the street, every telephone call, every mailing in your mailbox, everything on the television, everybody’s face at work, on your children’s faces, everything is created by you. We want you to