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                                    EPILOGUE  I would encourage you all to read this section over again—perhaps even read it out loud. Let the energy of its Truth sink into your bones. The major aspect of this last section and perhaps the entire work is about alignment. In essence being in alignment with your divine self . That sounds quite simple, but what does it really mean? Being in alignment means being in agreement with, affirming a particular truth, and living from that truth. Let us create an example: Suppose there is someone in your life that you love very deeply. You do not have to think about this too much, but essentially you are in alignment with your love for that person. What happens then, when you are in alignment with your love is that love guides and directs most of your feelings and your actions and thoughts. You notice very quickly, when you become angry or agitated or even annoyed at this person you love, that you are not in alignment with your lov