I would encourage you all to read this section over again—perhaps even read it out loud. Let the energy of its Truth sink into your bones.

The major aspect of this last section and perhaps the entire work is about alignment. In essence being in alignment with your divine self. That sounds quite simple, but what does it really mean?

Being in alignment means being in agreement with, affirming a particular truth, and living from that truth. Let us create an example: Suppose there is someone in your life that you love very deeply. You do not have to think about this too much, but essentially you are in alignment with your love for that person. What happens then, when you are in alignment with your love is that love guides and directs most of your feelings and your actions and thoughts. You notice very quickly, when you become angry or agitated or even annoyed at this person you love, that you are not in alignment with your love for them. As soon as you realize this, you have the possibility to realign yourself with that love and therefore choose your thoughts and your actions differently. Do you get that?

Now in this lesson, we are speaking of your alignment with your divine self. That might seem to be a far-fetched order, but truly it is not. Your understanding will fit easily with the example above. You know when you are in alignment with love. No matter what you might be feeling emotionally, when you are in alignment with love, you choose loving thoughts and loving actions. When you get into the habit of being “in love” you become much more aware when you are not in alignment with love. Those aspects of negativity that we sometimes speak of, fear, anger, any form of violence against the self or others, all of those and many more— if we fall into them, allow our awareness to be captured by them, we can realize very quickly when we are or when we are not in alignment with love. Being in alignment with Love is the same as being in alignment with your divine self.

See I think what happens to many of us when we think about alignment with the divine self is we think of ourselves as walking around in white robes polishing up or halos and maybe just chanting all the time. Perhaps that is a state of mind that we will all reach one of these days, but the image is not a necessary one. You can be in alignment with your divine self throughout all of the easy difficult and mundane things that show up in life. It is a choice that flows from awareness and practice.

Another piece that is subtly expressed in this last section is one that has been touched upon many other times and probably will be touched upon again quite often. When you begin to practice being in alignment with love, with your Divine self, you will begin to realize that you become more and more identified with your divine self. In other words you know that is who you are.

For much of our lives, in our human existence, we have identified ourselves with what we are calling our personality self. That is that conglomerate of all of the labels and roles we have attached to ourselves as well as all of the things that other people have said about us that we have believed or bought into, and that certainly involves what we call our ego consciousness as well.

As my friend Ram Dass likes to point out “from the moment we are born we going to people training. People start telling us we are the unfortunate thing about this is all the people who are telling us we are don’t know who they are.” So here are a whole bunch of personality selves telling us who we are, and of course what happens then is that we enter the process of creating our own personality self, which again is not just based on what we think we are, but also can be based on or influenced by what other people say, what society says, what we have grown up with in our culture and religion, how we are taught to think, what’s right, what’s not, on and on.

As we enter into the realm of spirituality it begins to become quite clear that this personality self that we have created and lived with, for most of our lives, is not who we are. We begin to realize we are more than that. At first though, we do not seem to have anything to take its place. So we can become a little bit lost and sometimes simply create another personality self around a belief system that seems to be comfortable for us. This particular path can be very very frustrating because, in essence, what we are attempting to do is to find or discover our spiritual self with our personality self. It is somewhat like that marvelous story of a man who is looking for his lost keys under a streetlamp and a friend passes by and asks is this where you lost him and he says no I lost him down the block, well why are you looking here then? He replies, “because the lights better.”

We all reach a point where we realize we have used the  thinking mind, the intellect to attempt to discover things the mind cannot grasp.We have pushed it as far as it will go. It does not, cannot, enter into the realm of mystery, that is only known through the intuitive loving heart. At this point in our process, we surrender, we let go of all that we think we know; we let go of all that we think we are and we begin to allow spirit to take over.

This is what we are doing here with this work. We are not sacrificing our free will, we are opening our awareness to greater awareness so the choices that we have or the choices that are presented to us can be reflected in this alignment with love, this alignment with our divine self.

From the book

 “Of course you cannot be other than you are, and in truth this is who you are, and have been, and will continue to be. But it is through the process of re-identifying the self in this way that permits the frequency to shift, and all of the exercises we have offered you thus far have been prepared for you in order to bring you to this next station of your evolution. The planet is changing and you are of the planet. All are rising.”

“Your essence of yourself is a piece of the Creator, and the self that remembers the self as an aspect of this seeks to reunite in completeness with the Source of All That Is. That is the journey to the heart of the Creator that is established in you. Your return is set. However, we want you to understand that this can be accessed in body.
“I am now choosing to reunite my causal body, my own Divine Self, with the heart of God. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

This will allow. Now if you allow this in your own way to be your meditation, the amplification of the Divine Self within you, in conjunction with the Creator, the idea of union will become a simple exercise in re-membrance. There is no magic here, there is only truth. The work of this text is remarkably simple when one accepts it as a simple action. And we wish you to do this with us:
“I am now knowing myself as in the Creator’s Love. I am now knowing myself as at one with the God that created me. I am now accepting my will in alignment with the will of the Creator and I am remembering myself as an aspect of God in love, in alignment, and in wonder. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am that I am. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.
We call to you each the Emissaries of Light. We call to you each those who serve the Christ. We call to you each the truth of your knowing come forth in fruition of the Divine Plan. We call to you each the miracle of your birth and of your awakening. We bring to you the angels, the servers, the teachers who would herald your awakening. And we remind you now that you are never, never, never without love.
We gift you with this, precious one, in all of your love and beauty. We are with you now in energy. We are with you now in creation. And we say to you this:
I am Word.”


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