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Simple question: How do I know I am in alignment with the Divine Will? There were a number of great answers to this question: I am at peace—not just a feeling or emotion, and not only lack of conflict, but a sense of connectedness with the Divine. Hard to explain in words, but I sense all of us can be aware of that one. Praying for guidance to do the next right thing. Her is another factor—going beyond the personality self or the ego self to listen to the directives of the Divine mind. ********** The book draws a distinction between thinking and knowing. Without getting too picky, let us say that thinking is of the intellect—it will always be making distinctions and judgments. Knowing, with a capital “K” is more conencted with the heart.  “Now let us explain this: Will operates on an independent level through the individual’s ownership of their own experience. And you can know very well on a level of Higher Will that your child requires something in order to be


As I look over what we covered this week, it seems a bit of a potpourri, so I will try to tie it all together. First, Paul explores into the subject of anger. Anger can serve us as sort of an emotional alarm clock, that lets us know something is up; something is going on with us that needs attention. Now we do not have to respond with anger. The guides suggest that many times anger will really be a a reflection of unrecognized self-esteem issues. I might need to stand up for myself or find another way to deal with a situation rather than be a victim to it. So my awakened awareness can lead me to better ways to deal with situations that trigger anger. In my awareness I might also realize my anger (or any other emotion) is out of proportion to the situation. In these instances I will need to delve deeper into the cause of my feeling and take responsibility for it was well. There will be some necessary work to be done with that emotion and that awareness. And, then there is the heal


COMBINED 7/24-7/31-8/7 p. 155-165 I am going to attempt to keep this as simple as possible.  There is my will—the will of my “little self” the ego consciousness that is essentially only aware of itself and its own needs. “I want what I want when I want ti and I want it right now!” There is the Divine Will-the will of God; the will for only good. The ego perceives the divine Will as being “outside” itself; whereas the soul sees itself as the embodiment of the Divine Will.  You are probably familiar with an old cartoon image of a person with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other carrying on this continual moral “tug-of-war.”  And depending on circumstances, one side wins. This oversimplified model does not answer the question, “Who/what decides?” There is a an aspect of self described in A Course in Miracles called the “decider.” The “decider” can be influenced by many factors, and it would be foolish to try and list them all, but you can explor