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p. 375-379 I realize that sometimes the book can seem repetitious, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind here, 1) it is not just the words or the writing that is doing the teaching, it is the higher vibration that is being held for us by the guides and 2)there are certainly going to be times when I need to hear a particular message more often than once. Sometimes simply explaining a concept in a bit of a different way can make all the difference. In terms of vibration, think of how different your learning would be if you were in an atmosphere that was calm and serene as compared to heavy construction work going on right outside the room. The information could be the same, and yet your ability to absorb it and to learn from it would be quite different because of the difference in atmosphere/vibration I think much of today's lesson is summarized in the following paragraph: “The love that you have in your heart today is nourishing you. Everyone has it.


P. 372-375 As I read over this section again, I discover the title of it could simply be “PRAYER.” At times when I am not in touch with my divine reality, prayer seems to be a rather wimpy ineffective way of dealing with life, but again I emphasize that is only when I am somewhat lost in my limited self. Prayer essentially is alignment with the Divine, and in alignment with the Divine—all power is yours. Alignment to the Divine Energies is also the alignment to love, unconditional love. “ God is love and he will devise and love abides in God and God in him.” It is that simple and that profound. What we miss sometime as unique expressions of the divine are adding to, expanding that Love that is. Although the thinking mind cannot comprehend this, there is an internal awareness that realizes this as truth. We can choose love even beyond of our feeling nature. (We can choose to love even if we do not feel like it.) This usually begins as we choose to be loved, we choose


This is just beautiful and says it all: “Why was I born? That is the next question. You were born to come into yourselves as knowing yourselves as loved, and as conscious active participants in your creation. You were born to stand in your knowing, to accept yourself as loved, and to see your fellows in their own perfection. You were born to create wonder, to live a life of splendor and of joy. You were created to come into your own knowing in the Son-ship of your own divinity and to claim it in full experience. You were born to say, “I am Word,” in whatever language you choose, in whatever vocabulary is truthful to you. You were chosen, you are choosing, all are. “I am Word through all that I see before me.” We are choosing you today to call to yourselves those things you need to move forward on this journey. Imagine yourself, right now, standing in a room. It is a gateway room. It is a room that leads you to a new room that has never been seen before, that has never bee


p. 365-369 “I am now choosing to reclaim myself on all levels from the patterns, from the beliefs of shame that I may be holding anywhere in my energy field, in my memory, in my body, in my knowing. I am now choosing to relinquish the fear of dismantling this pattern of shame of myself, my body, my actions, and my being. I am now accepting myself as liberated from shame and I attune now to the frequency of Divine Love who will clean me of it.” “I am Word through this intention to be cleaned of shame and restored once and for all to my knowing of my own worth in love. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” Much of this session was presented in mediation form. We read together p. 365-366 and then used that material for a quieting mediation.  If you would like, you might want to check out the recording of this class at: I realize when we get in some material about what me