p. 375-379

I realize that sometimes the book can seem repetitious, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind here, 1) it is not just the words or the writing that is doing the teaching, it is the higher vibration that is being held for us by the guides and 2)there are certainly going to be times when I need to hear a particular message more often than once. Sometimes simply explaining a concept in a bit of a different way can make all the difference.

In terms of vibration, think of how different your learning would be if you were in an atmosphere that was calm and serene as compared to heavy construction work going on right outside the room. The information could be the same, and yet your ability to absorb it and to learn from it would be quite different because of the difference in atmosphere/vibration

I think much of today's lesson is summarized in the following paragraph:

“The love that you have in your heart today is nourishing you. Everyone has it. And the nourishment of the heart in the frequency of love is a joy. Can you imagine now existing in this frequency all the time? It is possible, but it is action that is required, that happens when you choose it. You are not passive anymore to your experience here. You have been taught that the key to knowing is you and your choice to know and to accept it as the promise of the Christed Self come into form. As you have chosen these things, you have been given opportunities to experience them, to have your own experience of them, and that has been required by us to make this teaching truthful. We do not wave a wand and send you home with false information.”

Another major piece we talked about had to do with how and what we learn. 
Before we incarnate the sole decides that there are going to be various lessons we will come to earth to learn. This is our agenda. Now if we are all wrapped up in ourselves and our personal identity and our attachments, it is going to be quite difficult for us to listen to the promptings of our soul. It is going to be difficult for us to be aware of the lessons we have chosen to learn. So the soul must creates circumstances to get our attention. If simple, gentle methods do not work then the promptings of must be more deliberate. If a tap on the shoulder does not get your attention then maybe you have to be punched in the arm and if that doesn't get your attention…

We have probably all experienced this in some ways. The book and the guides, right now, in their own beautiful way, are getting our attention and we are blessed to be able to work with this awareness.


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