This is just beautiful and says it all:

“Why was I born?
That is the next question. You were born to come into yourselves as knowing yourselves as loved, and as conscious active participants in your creation. You were born to stand in your knowing, to accept yourself as loved, and to see your fellows in their own perfection. You were born to create wonder, to live a life of splendor and of joy. You were created to come into your own knowing in the Son-ship of your own divinity and to claim it in full experience. You were born to say, “I am Word,” in whatever language you choose, in whatever vocabulary is truthful to you. You were chosen, you are choosing, all are. “I am Word through all that I see before me.”
We are choosing you today to call to yourselves those things you need to move forward on this journey.
Imagine yourself, right now, standing in a room. It is a gateway room. It is a room that leads you to a new room that has never been seen before, that has never been experienced. And what is beyond the threshold is only in your imagination. Around you on the floor is the baggage that you have kept for the journey. And you change your mind and realize that all you need before you will be provided, so you can leave the baggage behind. You can leave it all there in the room. And you stand now in the threshold of this new door. And the door opens and you walk forward and you are carried in wonder to the sea of love.
I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.
We will speak to you again tomorrow. Thank you both and stop.”

Anything I have to add is superfluous.  


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