P. 372-375

As I read over this section again, I discover the title of it could simply be “PRAYER.”
At times when I am not in touch with my divine reality, prayer seems to be a rather wimpy ineffective way of dealing with life, but again I emphasize that is only when I am somewhat lost in my limited self.

Prayer essentially is alignment with the Divine, and in alignment with the Divine—all power is yours. Alignment to the Divine Energies is also the alignment to love, unconditional love. “God is love and he will devise and love abides in God and God in him.” It is that simple and that profound.

What we miss sometime as unique expressions of the divine are adding to, expanding that Love that is. Although the thinking mind cannot comprehend this, there is an internal awareness that realizes this as truth.

We can choose love even beyond of our feeling nature. (We can choose to love even if we do not feel like it.) This usually begins as we choose to be loved, we choose to be in the energy of love. We also realize that we are love; we are the expression of that love; giving and receiving are the same.

We choose thoughts and actions that either open our heart or close it; we choose to act from our divine self or from another aspect of our being. The questions I encourage myself to ask are “Is what I am thinking or planning on doing, does it open my heart or does it close my heart?” “The thoughts that I am thinking or the actions that I am planning, are they a reflection of my divine self or something else?”  
I can begin to choose to make everything in my life an act of love. If we were to bless the idea of mindfulness we could become more and more aware that anything we do can be done as an act of love, if it is done consciously. So when I am doing the laundry consciously, I am grateful for the clothes I wear, for the hot water, for the soap, for the ability to move my body in such a way that allows all of this to happen. As we practice this way of thinking and intention, we can fill every moment of our lives, no matter how difficult they might be, we can fill each moment with lovingness.

“I am now choosing to create love in all that I do and my thoughts will be manifestations of love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”
“I am now choosing to be aligned to Divine Love in completion. I am now accepting myself in requirement of Divine Love and as I do this, I accept it and I expect it. I am choosing it and as I choose love I bring to me love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

The frequency of love, the higher frequencies are always available to us. It is we who make the choice of what to be aligned to. You will become aware, as we have suggested already that in choosing this alignment to the higher frequencies of love, we are not speaking about the emotion of love or good feelings, we are speaking about aligning to the truth of who you are. Do not expect your ego or your personality self to be in complete agreement with us because it will not be.

This is a stretch for many of us because we have spent so much of our lives identified with our feelings and our personality self. Keep in mind we are not denying this aspect of yourself but we are suggesting that in order to align yourself to the higher frequencies, the divine energy that is already there, that you must be in touch with your own divine nature.

“You are now in the sea of love. You never were not in it. You only believed you could not be. But those things that tether you to the shore have been cleared to the extent that you can accept yourself as becoming one with the self in this frequency of love. It is not magical. It is the decision that you made.”

You might still experience the sense that there are obstacles to overcome, and this is a natural thing. However you can also choose to know that that obstacles can be cleared and that you are willing to let go of your attachment to it.

“Higher frequency is always present. You always have the choice of realigning the self. This has not been a contest. This has not been anything other than a manifestation of the requests of those who have called us in the higher frequencies to say, “Help, we need instruction, we need a system, we have been lost, and we understand that we have made it much harder for ourselves than it’s required to be. So what can we do?”

This is a very interesting passage. It is a reflection of our calling out to divine wisdom for guidance and direction. The prayer of the small self might have exactly the same words but the meaning behind those words would be “Take away my pain; take away my difficulty; let me feel good, and let me feel good without having to work forward very hard.

The higher frequency prayer is that of surrender into the realm of knowing and grace that we already know exists. It is a prayer for the awareness to participate in the ever expanding evolution of love.


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