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p. 65-69 This last section of this chapter provide a beautiful “map” and description of the soul’s journey. A subtle/or perhaps not so subtle lesson here is that we cannot conceive the soul’s purpose with our mortal mind . Even though we might know this is true, we continue to try to figure things out with our rational mind. These continual efforts to try to understand life through a means that is incapable of of grasping the soul’s purpose leads to much suffering, doubt, anger, frustration, cynicism and all sorts of low vibration thoughts and feelings. We have become dependent on our thinking mind to provide us with spiritual answers, and by doing so become easily lost in the ego’s quagmire. Our inner knowing or what we sometimes refer to as faith draws us to a deeper openness to the Divine Will within each one of us. We let go and realize our intellect is not going to provide us with the spiritual answers we seek. But that does not mean we live in darkness. We can kno


P. 59-65 This section explores higher frequency gifts a such as clairaudience. Let's not make this complicated. If we were in a valley, our view of the landscape would be quite limited, but when we are on the mountain top our view changes remarkably. So to, when we are in the lower vibration of thought, the gifts that are available to us are quite limited. At a higher plane of thought (and this includes how we are thinking about ourselves) more is available to us. Just as when we are in a higher frequency we are able to "hear" our true inner voice, and allow ourselves to be guided by it.  “I am Word through my intention to stand in my protection as a Divine Being and only access that information which is of the highest source available to me for my highest good and for the highest good of all around me. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.” Now don't freak out on this one either. It is simply a prayer to remind us th


             AWARENESS OF THE SENSES #3 p. 53-59 Hopefully I am not beating a bunch of dead horses here, but I would like to remind us all that much of this chapter is already known to you. It just needs to be brought into your awareness at a deeper level. As with any gifts and talents, the ability to know beyond our 5 senses is something that needs to be nurtured and practiced, AND none of us will be exactly the same. We will all discover different talents and different degrees of talents, depending upon what we have come here to learn.  We began with that little exercise of imagining an unopened flower right at your third eye and then to imagine, feel, picture it opening up and notice what that is like. When doing exercises such as this, please do not get attached to the form or the results, do not compare.—there is no way to do this wrong. You are just noticing what is happening with you. Each of us will have a different experience. The process is much more about aw