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Well, this was one of those days we never got to the book. I apologize if that was inconvenience or annoyance but I am presuming we all felt necessity to explore some issues. The discussion began by exploring our realization of how we are sometimes aware and awake and other times we are unaware or asleep. We all recognized the significance of this especially in the light of the intense extremes many of us are experiencing. For instance when we are asleep or unaware it is so easy to be caught up in fear and separateness and not realize that by our focus on these forms of negativity, we are adding to that anger and fear that we are attempting to avoid. So two major areas arose are exploration: one was how do we stay more aware and awake; the second was what do I do when I awaken from a period of unawareness. Let me approach the second one.  I believe that a big part of our experience here on planet Earth is that we will go through periods of awareness and unawareness, the


p. 247-250 Over this course of study, I have attempted too keep all of these reflections impersonal and without being influenced by any outside or external events. This recording of particular lesson however does make reference in rather subdued ways to the presidential inauguration of 2017. Although I have opinions, I suggested they are my own and I have worked on keeping balance between whatever sides exists here.  I felt as if the chaos and feelings of fear and anger which many people expressed could be well addressed buy the material in this section. ************** Even though they are powerful emotions and need to be addressed, fear and anger always produce more fear and anger. When I hold anyone or anything in darkness (the darkness of fear, judgment, etc.) then I am withholding the light from myself as well. If I limit someone by my thoughts, I am really limiting myself. (In real


p. 243-247 (As I read this over, it sounded quite dull compared to the class on Sunday. You might want to give it a listen; we had some good laughs). CLICK ON "CLASS RECORDING" BELOW TO LINK INOT THE RECORDING. CLASS RECORDING This was an extremely powerful section, and most of that power goes beyond words. We talked about how easy it is to become lost or asleep or unaware. It is easy to get wrapped up the situations of life and too closely identify with them. I used myself as an example: Our heat went out last weekend and we have many difficulties keeping in touch with the repair people. (It just so happened it was the coldest weekend of the year.) So we went from Saturday morning until Tuesday evening waiting on getting our heat pump fixed. Much of that time without a clue if anyone was going to show up. By the time Tuesday morning rolled around, even though I had held it together for a while, I became an angry person who is simply trying to get his f


P. 238-243 Finishing up with the chapter call Traveling: We emphasized again that the purpose here is to expand the awareness of yourself, beyond the body beyond, the mind, beyond the emotions. We do this many times without thinking. For instance, when we are talking to somebody on the phone and we just have a sense there is something wrong. We are not reading somebody's mind or violating their privacy, we are simply open to their energy and we are receiving that and translating that into words in our own mind. Another example of that that happens quite often is answered prayer. Many times we pray for guidance and direction or an answer to a particular problem then what happens many times is that words or thoughts come into our mind and they give us the answers or the directions we have desired. Now what is happening here is not that we are hearing voices, but that the Divine Self within us is translating energy into words that the mind might be able to understand. 


p. 235-239 It finally dawned on me a way to summarize this chapter: Even though we are speaking about feeling frequencies, getting vibrations and messages from other people and even traveling to different dimensions, essentially what we are speaking is the expansion of the awareness of who you are. As we begin many of our meditations with the truth, “You have a body but you are not your body; you have a mind but you're not your mind; you have feelings but you are not your feelings; you are more than all of that.” That suggests to us that we do have an awareness being much more than our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions. Now the challenge is to live in that state of awareness or at least to live in it more than we normally do. We all recognize how easy it is to slip into identification with a particular role even if that role happens to be standing in line. Now obviously, we are not thinking or saying to ourselves “Here I am, a person just standing in line,” but tha